Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shopping with Children is Always an Adventure

From a recent shopping trip~

Survived my first Winco trip with the two little ones. Half way through the store Ian woke up, hungry NOW, and of course I couldn't find a pacifier. So in desperation I found the baby aisle (which they had conveniently recently relocated) and opened a new binky (which I purchased). 

Luckily I had a nice cashier at checkout who as my little man was protesting, louder and louder, said "Don't stress" and "Think about how accomplished you'll feel when you get back home!" And then a nice grandpa came over when I was trying to load my groceries into my van and said "Here I'll do that, you just go take care of your baby." So thankful for nice people!! Oh, and I found the "backup" pacifier in the diaper bag once I got home, lol!

Some day, when my kids are grown I think I'll stand by the exit of stores and hand out gold stars to moms and dads as they walk out and say "Good Job! You Made It!" Until security escorts the crazy lady off their premises. 

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