Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shopping with Children is Always an Adventure

From a recent shopping trip~

Survived my first Winco trip with the two little ones. Half way through the store Ian woke up, hungry NOW, and of course I couldn't find a pacifier. So in desperation I found the baby aisle (which they had conveniently recently relocated) and opened a new binky (which I purchased). 

Luckily I had a nice cashier at checkout who as my little man was protesting, louder and louder, said "Don't stress" and "Think about how accomplished you'll feel when you get back home!" And then a nice grandpa came over when I was trying to load my groceries into my van and said "Here I'll do that, you just go take care of your baby." So thankful for nice people!! Oh, and I found the "backup" pacifier in the diaper bag once I got home, lol!

Some day, when my kids are grown I think I'll stand by the exit of stores and hand out gold stars to moms and dads as they walk out and say "Good Job! You Made It!" Until security escorts the crazy lady off their premises. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

20 Signs That You May or May Not Be a Mother of Young Children

It's been a while since my last post! Hopefully I can get back into this whole blogging thing. You know when something is in your head and you just have to sit down and write it down or the words are going to take over. Well the other day I literally felt the Lord saying, write these down and the words just kept coming. Hopefully you can identify with, or at least appreciate, or maybe just shake your head at me. And that's ok. You wouldn't be the first to think I was a bit quirky. :) And I know there's a lot here, but stick around for #1, it's my favorite.

20 Signs That You May or May Not Be a Mother of Young Children

21. Nope, it’s not a typo. I did say twenty. But because as a parent you discover sometimes things aren't always perfectly painted inside the lines or exactly like following a step by step rule book. You learn that you have to let go of what other people think of you. Things can be messy and what works for one child might not work for another. Or what works for my child might not work for yours.

20. You swore you would NEVER buy a minivan. But now, you proudly drive it around. And there’s actually a secret elite club of minivan moms.

19. There is also a secret “handshake” so to speak between moms which involves an understanding nod and smile which actually means “Yep, I totally understand what you are going through!”

18. Bribery it not such a bad thing, especially at the grocery store.

17. You make lists to post on Facebook instead of doing the laundry. Or better yet, scan and repin posts about “Laundry Hacks”. And you are pretty sure that laundry and dishes are one of those things that multiply overnight and will never. Ever. EVER! Be Done. EVER!

16. You post so many pictures of your kids on Facebook you’re pretty sure most of your friends have hidden you or unfriended you all together. But oh well, you just keep posting them anyways. And friends that haven’t seen you in a while probably have forgotten what you look like because very rarely do you actually post one of that includes YOURSELF!

15. And of those friends that still remain, you’re not sure anyone will actually read your post. But you still amuse yourself and post it anyways. And your husband comes home and says how was your day, or what did you guys do? And you honestly can’t remember. Or maybe he doesn't think to ask because he already saw what you were up to on his newsfeed.

14. When someone starts to say “Do You Want To” or “I Like To” in your head you automatically think “Build a Snowman?” and “Move It, Move It”. And then the song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day and you wake at 3 am still singing it.

13. Some of your favorite Bible verses have become “Honor Your Father and Mother” and “Children Obey Your Parents” and you post them on your children’s walls. And you may not have truly known what it was to “Pray Without Ceasing” until you realize you cannot do this whole parenting thing all on your own and need to pray and pray some more! And sometimes all you can manage to pray is “God Help Me!” And you learn to appreciate your parents in a whole new way!

12. You used to dress in cute clothes but now picking out an outfit consists of which color of hoodie and which pair of sneakers to wear today. And your daughter is better dressed than you most days.

11. Getting a little ”Me Time” is locking yourself in the bathroom and turning up the music loud. And you imagine the shower is really a waterfall and the pounding on the door is actually the sound of drums beating from an exotic tribe in the distance.

10. ”Fixing your hair” includes two options – braid or bun. You like to mix it up, at least once a week. And you are pretty sure that every time you wash your hair, at least half of it has fallen out and that someday soon you’ll just to shave the rest of it off anyways.

9. ”If” you are wearing makeup, it must mean that its Mom’s Group Day, not because you are trying to impress anybody, but because you are so excited to have adult conversation it’s like a little midweek celebration.

8. You are proud of yourself for making a homemade dinner vs coming from a bag. But it may or may not have come from a box or can. But hey, at least it’s “made at home” right? That counts.

7. You go to the store with all three children and are so focused on asking them to put items back that they think they “need” or keeping them from running off. And when you get home you realize you did not buy the item you went to the store for in the first place.

6. You can read certain children’s books from front to back with your eyes closed because you’ve read them so many times. And you know there is a day coming soon when you won’t be able to get away with “make your own story up as you go” for books with more than 10 words per page when your child wants to read “just one more book” at half an hour past their bedtime. Tell me I’m not the only one who does that!

5. By 2 pm, you are light headed and cranky and realize you fed your children lunch, or at least you are pretty sure you did, but forgot about getting yourself something to eat.

4. You have finally come to conclusion that cereal is a perfectly acceptable meal for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

3. Watching your husband hold your baby makes you love them even more and means more to you than any box of chocolates or bouquet of roses (although both of those are still very much appreciated! And wanted.)

2. You look forward to bedtime every night. And never knew such a little person could make you so angry or crazy! But when you sneak into their room after they have fallen asleep, you actually kind of miss them.

1. And even though you are more tired beyond what you could have ever comprehend, your heart is so full with love beyond what you could have ever imagined for these little people that call you mom. When you hold your baby or cuddle your young child you feel like you are holding your heart on the outside, and you wish you could just freeze that moment forever. And when they crawl up on your lap and tell you “Mom, I love you” you feel like your heart will literally burst. You wouldn't trade the baby spit up shirt, the messy hair, the bags under your eyes, the sticky floor, the toys scattered everywhere for anything (although a maid would be nice). Someone told me when I had my first son that being a mom would be the hardest job I’d ever love. And they were so right. I love it. I treasure being a mom. It is what I wanted to grow up to be. I wouldn't trade it. Not one minute. I treasure the place where I am. Right.Now.Right.Here. Thank you Lord for giving these babies and that you chose me to be their mom.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The New Radio Flyer Ziggle Thanks to Chatterbox by House Party!

Back in October, I applied through Chatterbox for the chance to try out the new Radio Flyer Ziggle! My boys are 3 & 4, and FULL of energy. So when I found out that we'd been chosen to receive it, my boys and I were so excited!! We tracked the package daily until it arrived!

Maybe you're like I was and haven't heard of the Ziggle. Here are a few things to help you learn a little more about it*!

The Radio Flyer Ziggle is for Ages 3-8. The seat is adjustable so it can grow as your child grows.

From the website:

"There has never been a more fun way to ride than with the NEW Radio Flyer Ziggle. All you do is twist the front and wiggle the back and off you go. Advanced riders gain speed and can drift into 360⁰ spins. Four high performance caster wheels provide a smooth ride on any surface. The adjustable seat grows with your child and the padded hand grips, grip tape for feet and solid steel frame add comfort and control for years of fun."

  • Twist the front and wiggle the back, just get on and go
  • Four caster wheels for a fun, fast ride
  • 360⁰ degree spin out action
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Grip tape for feet provide added control
  • Padded hand grips for comfort
  • Solid steel frame

My boys, Levi & Wyatt, were so excited to get the Ziggle! With easy to follow instructions, it was easy to put together. Levi even helped. And even before we took it outside, they were taking turns ziggling up and down the kitchen hallway. They had so much fun trying the Ziggle out for the first time. It is easy to wiggle the handles back and forth to move forward.

Here is a video and some photos.

We've taken our Ziggle out several times since this day and my two boys have SO much fun on it! It's something new and different and it's fun to watch them laugh and take turns on it. My youngest asked if we could please get another so they can have a race. Thinking it's a good thing Christmas is right around the corner!! 

THANK YOU CHATTERBOX for hours of fun and many more to come!!!


*Info taken from the letter included with our Ziggle and their website.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Truvia Natural Sweetener

I love sweet stuff and am not a fan of coffee without my sugar and cream. But I haven't been convinced to use artificial sweeteners because I seemed to always be able to taste the difference. So when I was selected, as a member of Crowdtap, to try the Truvia Natural Sweetener I was quite curious to see if I liked it or not.

In case this is the first you are hearing about it, or if you have heard of it but never been convinced to give it a try, here are a few things I learned with the information I received in my sampling kit.

*Truvia is a Natural Sweetener. It is made from the stevia plant, which has been used as a sweetener in South America for generations. It is Zero-Calorie, Yay!! The leaves are dried, steeped in water and purfied to a calorie-free sweet taste.

The answer to whether I liked it or not: Yes! It REALLY is GOOD!! I was happily surprised. I tried it first in a cup of tea. I typically add honey to my tea, but replaced it with half a packet of Truvia sweetener. It was yummy! And no weird aftertaste. I could swear I was drinking tea sweetened by sugar!

I gave the second sample to my sister Melissa and she tried it in her coffee. She said she couldn't even tell the difference. She was happily surprised as well!

You can use Truvia to add sweetness to your coffee, tea, fruit, cereal, yogurt or your favorite cocktail. Find more ideas and recipes at

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Thank you Truvia and Crowdtap for the free samples! 
I am a Tru-via Believer Now! :-)

*The information/facts I included in this blog regarding Truvia were borrowed from the information brochure I received with my sample.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lunchables Jr. Snack Samples!

I recently hosted a fun play date thanks to
Lunchables Jr & Crowdtap. 

We received the yummy Ants on a Log and the Very Berry Crunch. My little buddies had so much fun playing with the snacks and eating them. The ants on a log was a big hit and so were the bears. The bears were floating in a pool on circle crackers as they tried to escape the attack of the ants. Not only are the new snacks easy to open for little hands, but also healthy and fun play with before they ate it.

Ant on a Log - Easy to Open for Little Hands


A Fun Video of Our Fun with Lunchables Jr!

Very Berry Crunch

Smiley Face

 We had so much fun!! Thank you Lunchables Jr & Crowdtap for a fun and yummy play date!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old Navy Active Wear Sample Share

My sister Melissa I got to go to Old Navy and pick out a free active wear top and bottom - each - for FREE!!! It was very exciting!!! We had fun picking out different pants and tops to try on. I included photos of our favorite picks and the ones we chose for our free outfits!!

The selection was great, many styles and fully stocked in our sizes. I had several pieces that were close seconds, but the ones that won for me were the loose fit active tank in black and grey stripe paired with the compression capri pant in black.

Melissa chose the roll top yoga pant with pink trim in black paired perfectly with her adorable pink active tee!!

We had a blast and look fabulous while working out or taking a walk along the levee or walking path.

THANK YOU OLD NAVY & CROWDTAP!!! We love our new active wear!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Challenge

Confessions of <Insert Child’s Name> Mom

You’ve probably heard it said “Just you wait until you’re a parent someday!” Well according to my mom, I was a “little sweetheart” (that’s actually what she called me) who according to her rarely needed disciplined. Fast forward 32 years, and now as a mother of two boys (ages 3 & 4) there are some days when I just ask “Why Lord?” “Why do I have the challenging child? This doesn't seem fair!” For instance, it may or not be my child that when I take him to a class with his peers he’s the one who is running circles around the room instead of sitting for story time, and who hits, or throws a tantrum – or runs away on your way out thinking it was the perfect time to play “Hide – and Mommy Can’t Seek”. And you finally find him on the other side of the building as he is laughing and thinking that was such great fun. And you are dragging said child out of the building screaming, along with his brother also screaming, and not looking up because you just want to get to the van and drive away. And then a few days later, he is the child who runs in front of a truck on the street as you are yelling, then screeching  "STOP!" And you get home shaking only to have him try to climb over the top of the stairway's banister head first.

But I have finally come to the place, with the Lord’s help, to see that if I did have that “perfect” child it would be so easy to become prideful and look at others and say “Well, what is she doing wrong?” Instead, I am continually humbled by my child(ren) and instead I choose to be thankful that I have the challenging child who pushes and tests each and every boundary because I realize I cannot do this on my own. I need the Lord’s strength, patience and LOVE to flow through me each and every day. And I need to trust the Lord with my children's safety as well. I do my very best as a mother to keep them from harm's way, but ultimately I have to commit them into the Lord's hands because He has kept them safe even when I was a few feet behind.

Don’t get me wrong, there are precious, sweet moments I share with my boys that melt my heart and remind me that this is why I absolutely love being a mom. Moments when they come up to me and say “Mommy, I love you!” and give me a big hug.

But too often I let those frustrating moments overshadow it all. The days when I have had to discipline my child for the same thing, for the 20th time in the past two hours, where I feel overwhelmed and insufficient as a mom. So slowly, over the past couple months, ok maybe weeks, ok maybe days, instead of reacting in anger by yelling or just throwing my hands up in frustration and just “surviving” to the end of the day, I have been doing my best to first and foremost turn to my Savior and be so in love with Him that those things that I have been yearning for and trying to do on my own “love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control” have flowed  much more easily – but only with the power and fruit of the Spirit. 

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, insufficient as a mom, or maybe feeling like you have it all together but still feel empty inside, maybe it’s time to be quiet, open the Word and let His Love Flood In.

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.